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7 things Students do during Exams preparation:

1) Sleeping.

2) Eating.

3) Sms.

4) Watch Movies.

5) Chat with Friendz.

6) Dream Of Touching Books.

7) Asking Others "Kuch Parha Kya"..
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4 saal,
8 ladai(sem)
40 Dushman(paper)
32 tanks(lab)
64 grand(ext & int)
16 goli(mid sem)
aur 1 akela janbaaz...
be proud 2 be an ENGINEER
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A Friend Is One Who Advise You To Study Well !

A Best Friend Is One Who Stands In Examination Hall n Says:

"Abey Kitna Likhega?
Larkiya'n Ja Rahi Hyn" ;->
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Wright brothrs


Graham Bell



Dhoondo SAALE ko!
Mil k marenge!
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It is time 4 EXAMINATION..
study with CONCENTRATION.,
English with PUNCTUATION...
Maths with CALCULATION..
Chemistry with COMBINATION..
Now where is time 4 RELAXATION.
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Teacher: childrens exams are nearing,If u have any doubt u can ask me..
Boys: In wich printing Press the question paper are printed?
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Upcoming Horror Movies

*Exam Ka Khouf
*Tarapta Student
*Shaitani Books
*Result Wala Jin
*Neend Ki Mout
*Pyasa Examiner
*Ssshhh Result Ane Wala Hai.
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got it...mil gaya kamina...
was the first to invent the exams...!
4WARD to all students!
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Students ke dilo ki awaj:
Zindgi ka rukh mod denge

Sari bandise tod denge

Ye semister Jese-Tese nikal jai Next Semister mai to paka record tod denge
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M.D.U. pesh karta h khas 3rd JAN. se 3 ghante ka rangarang karyakrm, "UD GAYE TOTE" watch live in examination hall n experience d thunder... aana jarur
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