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"When friendship is your greatest weakness ,
you will be the strongest person in the world"…
Good Afternoon.
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Life iz a magic... The beauty of life iz next second..... which hides thousands of secrets. I wish every second will be wonderful in ur life.
Good afternoon.
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Nice friendship is Like The breathing air... You Will Never See it... But You Will Always Feel its Presence.
Gud afternoon
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$weet things are ea$y 2 buy,
$weet words are ea$y 2 $ay,
But $weet People like u,
are dificult 2 find...
May ur whole life b a$ swt as u...
$weet Good afternoon
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Agar is sms ko delete kiya to kutta..

Forward kiya to chutiya..

Save kiya to haraami..

Kuch nahi kiya to gandu..

Reply kiya to bharwa..

Ab ker le jo ker sakta hai..

Ghussa huwa to gand phaar dun ga..

Or muskuraya to chod dun ga..

Or agar mujhe dubara fwd kiya to lulli kaat dun ga..
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succes is century make it , problem is yorker face it, failure is bouncer leave it ,luck is full toss use it, but opportunity is free hit naver miss it , good afternoon my friends

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'-') Smiling
(!.!) Crying
(';') Angry
(':') Bored
('.') Proud
('o') Hungry
('?') Confuse
(-.-) Sleepy

I lik 2 accompny u in evry mood :-)
Good Afternoon
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()". ."()

( , o )

( _.ki kar rahe ho ?

()". ."()

( ("") )

( /#_) Haye Rabba ! Meinu Yaad kar rahe ho!

Soooo Sweet .Good after noon
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As you climb the ladder of success, check occasionally to make sure it is leaning against the right wall".
Good Afternoon and Good Day!
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Manzil milne se dosti bhulaai
nahi jaati,
Hamsafar milne se dosti
mitaai nahi jati...
Good Afternoon…
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