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But by the number of times he made u SMILE after u cried.
U can buy gifts, but not luv.
U can pretend to smile, but not happy.
U can lie to others, but not to urself.
U can have many friends, but none as sweet as me.

Submitted By : pranab (sahoopranab55@gmail.com)
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Remember i was there when u were born
i share the same blood
i shared ur childhood dreams, worries and happiness
i was silently looking over u when u grew up to be beautiful girl,
i was in the shadows when u were settling down in life
i was there when u had some creases to iron out!!
when u can remember so many things........

u can also remember that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE & I WILL BE THERE WITH U FOREVER : ) :) :)

Submitted By : N.C.KIRANMAYI (mayidhar@gmail.com)
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U R FALTU 4 Everyone
in short U R FALTU 4 Everyone!!!
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Defeat is not when u fall, its when u reject to raise.

Submitted By : vijay kumar c ved (vijay20076@yahoo.co.in)
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I kept my heart strong like IRON but..... I did not know that ur heart is magnet.!! Gd morng

Submitted By : Nishant raj (Nishantraj24@yahoo.com)
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Excellent one line msg: "Each one us is someone's dream".

Submitted By : prabir (prabirmht@gmail.com)
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Life is 4 living,I Live 4 U. Songs r 4 singing,I Sing 4 U. Love is 4 caring,I Care 4 U. Angels r 4 keeping,Can I keep U...

Submitted By : Siba (sibaprasad9@gmail.com)
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for a boy its easier to pick up a girl of weight 50 kg but for the same boy its quiet difficult to pick up a gas cylinder of weight 14.2 kg. strange but true........

Submitted By : jitender kumar (jk1527941@gmail.com)
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If you save this message,
it means I知 cute.
If u edit this,
I知 still cute.
If u forward this,
you are spreading that
i am cute & if you erase
this, you are jealous of me
because i am cute!

Submitted By : vigneshs (svigneshjobs@gmail.com)
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are u know u r a big stupid i explain this s-sincere t-telented u-unforgetable p-patience i-intellegent d- dear so ''u r a stupid''

Submitted By : divya panday (divyapanday67@yahoo.in)
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